"Al is amazing.  He did some work for me and made a few suggestions, best service I've received.  Much better than the two jokers who did my yard before."
Rex S.
Newburg, OR
"This company was nice and affordable. My lawn has never looked so good. I appreciate the time and effort they put into the job. I recommend this company to anyone looking for landscaping work."
"AA Landscape Maintenance came out on Sunday to make sure our extensive lawn got mowed and edged before the rains came and the ground got too wet. It was Al who alerted us as to the coming weather. Thanks Al for thinking of us, calling and coming out on the weekend. Our Lawn looks amazing!"
West Linn, OR
"A nice gentleman with a wonderful crew. Al supervises the job. I have had nothing but a good experience."
B Burke
"Great job Al. I'll be calling again when I've got another project."
Shellard E.
"Was tired of paying high prices to have big companies turn off our sprinkler system in the fall, and turn it back on in the spring. Al gave us the same service at a reduced rate because his company operates without a lot of overhead. He spent time adjusting all the sprinkler heads, advising us on timing for watering, etc. Been using Al's services ever since."
D. Clark
Clackamas, OR
Call: 503 706-9790